The RSM Sailing Club – Events

The RSM Erasmus Sailing Club is a vivacious club that organizes several activities whereby the RSM student and alumni can participate to enjoy sailing, express themselves into interpersonal relationships. Our aim is to stimulate group performance and share experiences among each other. Regattas, Cruises and Sailing Training are some of the events that the club plans to run every year.

The Sailing period started this year and the sailing club is ready to host its RSM MBA students and alumni in the different type of sailing activities suitable for the level of each participant. Check below the various event in two categories “Regular Events” for beginners and not very experienced and “Regattas” for experienced sailors and skippers.

Regular Events

Apart from that the RSM Sailing Club as an international club and founding member of the SunSail MBA Sailing League participates in regattas by other MBA schools in which RSM Sailing club compete to climb the rankings. Such regattas can be found below.


The events and regattas will be announced via our mailing-list and in the RSM Sailing Club Blog. Please subscribe to the mailing-list to get the latest info.


Please read carefully
Unless otherwise communicated, the following rules apply to all our events.
Only MBA students/alumni can participate to the events organized or sponsored by the RSM Sailing Club.
If non MBA people buy tickets for the events, participation will not be allowed and the RSM Sailing Club will not refund the ticket.

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