Welcome aboard!   Benvenuto a bordo!   Welkom aan boord! Καλώς ήρθατε εν πλω!   Bienvenidos a bordo!

The RSM Sailing Club is an organization brought to you by the students and alumni of the Rotterdam School of Management. This club will be organizing regattas and sailing events to improve our sailing skills and to strengthen the RSM student, alumni, and corporate network. Whether you are already a sailor, have never been on a boat before or are someplace in between, the RSM Sailing Club is a great place to make new friends, have fun, and hone your skills as well! Become a part of the exciting world of the RSM Sailing Club!

Please view our upcoming events, or take an idea of our recurrent Eventsbecome a member in our mailinglist, view our gallery, join our FACEBOOK Group or LINKEDIN Group or simply contact us.


Please read carefully
Only MBA students/alumni can participate to the events organized or sponsored by the RSM Sailing Club. If non MBA  people buy tickets for the events, participation will not be allowed and the RSM Sailing Club will not refund the ticket.


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